Aniara – A secret sci-fi masterpiece you must watch

What makes a movie like Aniara great? You might be surprised. Read my break down of what makes this secret film a must watch masterpiece.

Secret Screenwriting tip? (60:40 guideline)

Secret Screenwriting Tip

Have I discovered a secret screenwriting tip? Do all modern screenplays follow a 60:40 rule? [lwptoc skipHeadingLevel="h1,h3,h4,h5,h6"] Read on, and you can decide for yourself. First, a little about me: my name is Kieran Majury, and I am obsessed with story. In particular, I’m obsessed with screenwriting. To get as specific as possible, I’m obsessed … Continue reading Secret Screenwriting tip? (60:40 guideline)

Write Your Screenplay in 12 Days ebook announcment

Write Your Screenplay in 12 days ebook

Write your screenplay in 12 days ebook will be available from October 28. If you want to get in now, click here. But first, a question. Can you write a screenplay in 12 days? Short answer: yes. If you want to become an idea-generating machine. If you want to take an idea to a … Continue reading Write Your Screenplay in 12 Days ebook announcment