25 minutes to change your life (The Pomodoro Technique)

25 minutes

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25 minutes
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25 minutes is all it takes to change your life.

When you’re working on a writing project, it can be easy to think of all the words that you need to write. In fact, it can be downright discouraging at times.

What you can do instead is redirect your thoughts and break the work down into the smallest segments.

Now the smallest unit of time you can break work down into, and still be productive is five minutes.

For example, I wrote this post in a five-minute time frame.

For boosting your own productivity, 25 minutes is the right amount of time.

In fact, it has a name; the Pomodoro Technique. 25 minutes of work with a five-minute break.

I can only really speak of it as a writer, but it has made me a far more prolific writer. I can trick my brain into thinking that I will not be working for very long. Once that timer is set I am off to the races, as in literally. I am racing previous versions of myself to see if I can write more words than last time.

Try it for yourself.

Think about that writing project you’ve been putting off.

No one is telling you to write it all in one go.

In fact, what you should do is break it down into 25 minute periods. Work out how many words on average, you write in 25 minutes. Then you can accurately predict how long it will take you to complete your project.

Use a separate timer.

Steer clear of your phone.

Your phone will only distract you.

How many times do you go to do something on your phone only to end up opening up Twitter or Instagram? Before you know it an hour has passed and you’re playing catch up with yourself.

I know this has happened to you because it used to happen to me all the time. What I did was I bought myself an oven timer off Amazon. I avoid my phone. I’ve never been happier and more productive at the same time.

The beautiful thing about working for 25 minutes is afterwards, you’ll think to yourself, “Can I do another 25?” and after that, maybe you can do another and another and another.

I’m worried that I’m going to want to start breaking down my entire life into 25-minute segments. Conversations, cooking, watching TV etc.

Am I going too far?

So ask yourself, how many 25 minutes can you spare today?


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