25-30 November 2018 Round up

25-30 November 2018 there were only two posts this week. It’s winter and you might feel like it’s all grim. You wake up in darkness you go to bed in darkness. It’s like a metaphor for life isn’t it? Oh and there’s also the bloody rain and the cold. That’s why I decided to write about comedy.

25-30 November 2018

I love to laugh but part of my problem is that I have a real specific sense of humour. When you have taken in as much comedy as me it takes alot to make me laugh. I’m so grateful that there is so much comedy out there so I have decided to pass on the enjoyment to you dear reader.

25-30 November 2018

Here is the first article. It’s about three comedy series you can watch online for free. One of them you have heard of, one of them you might have heard off and one that you’ll hate.

Great comedy you can watch now (for free)

The next article is a list of five episodes from sitcoms that I love. It can be a battle trying to get someone to watch something that you know that they will enjoy, “I can’t I haven’t watched it from the start”. Here’s a list of really funny episodes of shows that you can watch. Don’t worry you can watch any of these episodes without any prior knowledge to the shows.

5 Sitcom episodes you can easily watch without context

Anyway hope you enjoy these two posts.

I’ll be doing a round up of the most popular posts from the last month and that will be going up some time tomorrow afternoon with any luck.

Next month I’ll be doing a couple of end of year lists and all that. I’m working on a Christmas horror story too. Thanks for reading the posts. Hope you have a good weekend and I’ll be seeing more of you soon.


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