Battle of the sexes 2.0

You may have noticed that there’s a Battle of the Sexes going on.

The first battle of the sexes happened in 1973 when 29 year old, world number one in tennis Billie Jean King beat the retired 50-year-old Bobby Riggs.

The victory was considered a great success for women’s equality.

Undoubtedly a much better result than that other time there was a tennis match between men and women.

Battle of the sexes 2.0

Believe women, battle of the sexes,
Emmett Till

The battle of the sexes has now moved into the political arena. You are seeing this with the Bret Kavanagh Supreme Court hearings. Christine Ford has accused him of groping her twenty years ago.

I haven’t watched all the hearings. From what I have seen one thing you can glean from Ford and Kavanagh is as follows: both of them are telling the truth.

Both of them are lying about certain aspects of their testimony. Ford lied about being afraid of flying. Kavanagh is more fond of a drink than he is letting on.

Do I believe lie about small things means lying about big things? No.

Ford believes that something happened to her. Kavanagh believes that she has mistaken him for someone else. Who is right? They both cried, do tears mean truth? No.

Certain aspects of how events have unfolded are irritating.

I don’t like that Ford went to the Democrats in confidence then at the first sign of trouble they publicised her name.

Her life is ruined now. She tried to do what she felt was the right thing and she was punished.

The Democrats betrayed her and objectified her, turning her into a political football. She got kicked around by both teams on the Senate while the world watched.

How would you feel now?

I don’t like how critics are saying that Kavanagh’s anger is revelatory of a darker side. If you put yourself in his position you can understand his anger.

Imagine yourself going for a job interview, it’s a job you want. It could be a promotion. You wake up early on the day, you beat your alarm.

You showered, and your clothes look good on you.

Have you lost weight? You ask yourself in the mirror because you’re looking trim. You keep telling yourself to stop smiling so much, people are going to think that you’re weird.

No matter how hard you try, a big old beamer keeps creeping onto your face.

There’s no traffic on the way in. You feel your heart pumping, old you would have called it nerves but new you calls it excitement.

You get to the place, and you make your way to the reception area, you’re early. Give your name in, and the man behind the desk says “Oh”.

You see the interview room on an elevated level. Three people in silhouette behind frosted glass.

That’s where you’re going.

The person in there at the moment stands and shakes hands with the panel. No matter how well they did, you’re going to do better. They’re ready to see you now. You make your way towards the boardroom, but instead, you’re ushered into a side room.

You’re told that this morning someone you used to go to school with phoned. They said that you stole money from them ten years ago.

There’s no way to prove that it did or did not happen but this person is adamant that it was you. You’re an honest person, you’ve been brought up right. You may not give to charity as much as you feel you should but you certainly do not steal.

You’re that there’s no evidence and at this point, there won’t ever be.

They know you’ve never been in trouble with the authorities before but they don’t want to take that risk. You’re not getting the job.

Oh and the company you’re interviewing for? They felt that it was their duty to call your friends and family. They told them not only are they not giving you the job but you’re a thief.

How do you feel?

I can’t speak on your behalf, but I would feel slightly miffed. I would be angry.

You need to stop saying that when a man is passionate about something he’s aggressive.

If you’re a woman reading this let’s make a deal. I’ll tell men not to use the word hysterical if you replace aggressive with passionate.

Lady OJ

This circus feels like there’s something more significant going on, doesn’t it? Ford and Kavanagh are avatars for their sexes.

In many ways, this is a sex version of the OJ Simpson trial. With the OJ trial, on one level it was about whether or not he was guilty but there was a subtext during that trial. That subtext is was, “You don’t like it up you, do you?”.

A version of that subtext is at play here. It’s not about whether or not Kavanagh groped Ford at some party, it’s “Let’s see how they like it.”

Shit testing

If you’re familiar with PUA (Pick up artist) vernacular, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “shit testing”.

Shit testing is when a woman gives a potential suitor a hard time to try and see what kind of person they are. If they can’t stand up to her then what chance do they have with outside threats?

If you’re a heterosexual male, who has been in a long-term relationship with a woman you’ll have noticed that the testing never stops. It takes various guises “I wish you wouldn’t use that word”, “I wish you’d not associate with that one particular friend” and you “You don’t need to work out as much”.

The one that I got over the course of two long-term relationships was “I’d feel more comfortable if you had a drink”. Silly me, I put their comfort over mine.

Now, you’re thinking that some women say these things out of genuine love and you’re right. However, certain women will test you just to see how far they can push it.

Both the sexes test the boundaries in relationships. Men will do it through bad behaviour whereas women will do it through control of behaviour. This isn’t an unfortunate aspect, it’s just the way of relationships. Like many neutral aspects of the world, it comes down to how it’s being welded?

Feminism of the first world

Feminism is no longer about the equal rights for women.

It began that way, but what have they left to achieve? Men and women in the western world are equal. Feminists would admit that they may have dropped the ball the further east you head. I’m going to focus on the western world here.

Feminism sees that it’s mainly men at the top of society and assumes that it is because of sexism. It’s not that power is held by a minority it’s that it is men.

Feminists want equality in the pleasant areas of life, like the boardroom. They’re getting equality in universities. In fact they’re getting so much equality in the universities maybe it’s time they started to ask for more men to be admitted.

Women outnumber men GPs too. It’ll only be a matter of time before they begin to populate the upper echelons of business. Will it be down to their own merit or because more and more men are checking out of society, we’ll never know for sure.

Despite all the gains that women have made, they still fall far behind when it comes to workplace mortality and prison sentences.

I don’t mind if you want the sweet life, we all do but don’t queef in my face and say it’s windy.

For a while now I stopped believing that people want equality or to end oppression.

They just want their turn cracking the whip.

Believe women

To kill a mockingbird used to be about injustice in the south. Now it’s considered progressive.

Believe women is something that comes up again and again. Belfast was subjected to “I believe her”, I didn’t know who I supposed to believe so I reserved judgment. Here’s the thing I don’t just believe people because I’m told. In fact being told that I have to believe someone just makes me cynical.

If you believe women that means you are incapable of seeing them as equal to men.

Here’s the thing, believe women is sexist.

Don’t put too much stock in belief. There are people out there who believe Jesus was American, B-52’s nuked volcanos to trap souls. There are even degenerates out there who believe the Earth is round.

Belief and truth are not siblings. They’re cousins who only see each other on birthdays.

Carolyn Bryant was believed

Women’s coalition

The Democrats have shifted to become the party for women.

Not that men aren’t allowed to vote for them, they’ll take their votes, but they aren’t as welcome as they once were. Many men are feeling unwelcome.

A woman tells all men to shut up she’s called a heroine, I tell one woman on the bus to quit her yammering and she’s still going on.

Don’t get me wrong, any club or organisation should be free to discriminate against whoever they want. Just don’t turn round and act shocked when people act in their own interest.

It has begun with white men but when you use expressions like “men need to shut up” you’re not just addressing white men.

You can see the shift in attitudes all the way from Kanye.

to other men.

Stress test

When Alan Grant first arrives in Jurassic Park, he checks out the raptor pen. He’s told by the warden that the Raptors keep testing the fence for weaknesses. When the power goes out, they find that weakness.

That’s what the Democrats are doing.

Democrats are stress testing the American system.

If they manage to get Kavanagh booted out or denied, then the tactic works.

If the tactic is successful, then it is in men’s best interest to retire from public life, or just never run for office ever again.

Who will lose in the battle of the sexes?

In the short term, it will be men. They’ll take a knock and go to ground, but they’ll come back from this.

Ultimately the losers will be women and poor people.

There’s even been a shift in behaviour in Washington that’s been going on since 2015. Women may find it a bit sexist but give a man a choice between being labelled a sexist or a sex offender, the choice is simple.

Women will find themselves welcome but uninvited.

Take me for example. I love working with women, especially in the creative sphere. What I love most about working with women is that they are open and receptive.

When I work with women, the subtext is always “How can we work together for the best possible outcome?”. With men, everything feels like I’m an idiot before the judge. Men take every statement as an argument. Rather than working with me I have to convince them why we do things a certain way.

One of the best projects I ever did was with a woman. It involved a press up championship and a ghost wife giving encouragement.

It was the best thing I ever did and now thanks to how things are going nothing like it will ever happen again.

Pictured: best thing ever

I’m working on a play at the minute. Part of the marketing is going to be that it is one of the first #metoo compliant productions. How are we going to ensure female safety? By excluding women from the production. When it comes to performance time, we are going to separate the men and women. The women will be seated to the rear of the theatre to keep an eye on the men in the audience.

As for other sufferers of the battle of the sexes? The poor?

When it comes to he said she said cases it tends to rely on who has the better legal team.


The FBI has a week to investigate these decade-old claims. The Democrats have kept insisting on a week-long investigation. What’s a week they ask? What is a week indeed? In fact, what has any large government body achieved in a week?

This investigation will not yield anything concrete.

The Democrats want to delay this until the midterms are over. I don’t know why they feel it’s essential. They’ve been wrong about much over the last three years, I don’t see them getting this right.

The investigation will be like The Life of Brian, “We found a spoon” this spoon will be used as a means of delaying. If the Republicans have any wit, they’ll insist that they have been gracious. They postponed proceedings by a week which the Democrats requested.

There is a part of me that is curious to see what happens if Kavanagh doesn’t get in. Would it lead to Republicans going to the polls in record numbers?

Would it lead to an outbreak of democracy in America?

Long-term ramifications of Kavanagh not getting in?

It would lead to everyone from here on out getting accused of something they may or may not have done decades ago.

Ethics don’t exist. You and I are becoming more tribal. We’re cavemen, I’m sorry cavepersons with smartphones.

You and I like to believe that we’re sophisticated and unbiased but we’re not.

I’m biased, so are you.

I’m done with the West, it’s still the best of a bad bunch, it’s time to break ourselves out of the stagnation.

The best way to rebuild the temple is to tear down the old one.

Whatever happens from this Christine Ford and Bret Kavanagh’s reputations are in ruins.

Hey, don’t worry they’re necessary casualties in the battle of the sexes.


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