2 movies 1 screen: A split in reality

2 movies, 1 screen.

What do I mean by movie?

First of all this will be a much shorter post compared to yesterday’s.

I mean, as in the story that plays out in front of us. You think the world is a certain way, cause, effect and all that. That is your movie.

Reality is subjective and provided it doesn’t kill you, you can live in your movie. All the while, other people live in theirs.

If there was only one movie, then we wouldn’t have different religions. History wouldn’t be written by the victors, it would just be written.

There’d also be less room for nuance.

In short, life would be dull.

I don’t know if I’m explaining myself all that well.

2 movies

The clearest example of 2 movies 1 screen was when Trump won the presidential race.

In fact, you could see reality split well before that.

I remember saying that I didn’t mind Trump. Didn’t think he was the anti-Christ and people looking at me weird. As if I were some guy saying “This book, while theirs no mines, no camps, it raises some excellent points,”

When the Donald got elected, you saw the split become more prominent.

You know I thought that would be a real clear example of 2 movies on 1 screen.

Time has a way of making us look foolish.

This COVID-19 thing is scary. Not because of the virus itself, it’s definitely scary but because I can see the 2 movies on 1 screen. To be honest, I don’t know which one to watch.

What are the 2 movies on 1 screen in this case?

On one screen you have “Well thankfully we took action just in the nick of time and mitigated the threat,”

On the other screen, playing is “You see, where are the millions dead? This is an overreaction,”

The worst part is both sides are legitimate. While some hospitals are getting slammed, not all hospitals are getting slammed.

The bodies of the dead would choke the ground beneath us. Anything short of that is either A: An excellent response or B: Proof we overreacted.

The worst part is both sides can walk away, claiming they were right.

It feels like we won’t learn anything from this and people will still be arguing about it centuries from now.

2 movies are playing.

Which one will you watch?


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