18-24 November 18 Weekly Roundup

18-24 November 18 Weekly Roundup

I’m going to start doing a weekly roundup starting with 18-24 November 18.

This week I was trying to write a novel in seven days. I aimed for 35,000 words in a week. To be honest, to be brutally honest I failed. I even missed a day. There were a couple of freak¬†occurrences, like as in, there was no way that it would happen normally and sometimes you think that the world or the universe is after you. I’m still pleased with how I got on. In the end, I managed to write 20,000 words in 6 days. That’s an average of over 3000 a day. For me that was a new record and it made me feel real good. No two ways about it. I’m more confident now about being able to get work done in a certain amount of time.

I’m going to try again next month.

To be honest with you I’m doing the round up because I’m going to try and boost my content. This is cheating but what can you do. I need more content and I’m going to do whatever it takes. I’m going to go back and do a few for earlier weeks.

I’m aiming to have 120 posts on kieranmajury.com by the end of 2018.

Anyway here are the links.

First up I wrote about why you should not date Northern Irish men. I should know, I am one.

Northern Irish men, don’t date them

Next, I wrote about why you should avoid Northern Irish women online at least. Northern Irish women are wonderful. Online, not so much.

Northern Irish women, avoid them (online)

Finally, there was my post about single mothers. Silly me thought you could just wade into a relationship with a single mother. I was wrong, I was very wrong. I wrote about it so here you go.

Single mothers and why you should avoid them

Hope you enjoy the articles and hope they upset you. A little, not a lot.

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